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Maximize Fat Loss Even with a Busy Schedule


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You're missing out.


You may not realize how much you are missing out by worrying about your weight. 

In your last photo with your friends, did you worry about hiding in the back row or capturing an important memory? 

When you went on vacation, were you more concerned about which bathing suit would hide your body or the quality time with your family?

Let's be honest, the time that you're spending worrying about your body is criminal. And I know you're wondering if you will EVER find a good system for food and exercise. 

I can help you create a smart and simple fitness and nutrition program so that you can spend your time with more important things and relationships. 


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Imagine if you had the health, energy and strong body that you dreamed of with simple habits & routines?


You could feel better now or "someday"

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Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I totally get it.


As a newly divorced single mom in my 30s, I fell into the cycle of gaining weight followed by hardcore fitness and nutrition programs to drop the same 15 - 20lbs over and over. I struggled with how to take care of myself the right way.

I ended up overwhelmed, exhausted and over it! After a personal wake up call, I overhauled the “old way” of doing things, and started to practice a simple and sustainable approach to fitness.

I combined my 8+ years of personal training experience, 3 years of online coaching and digging into the real life frustrations of my clients to create a brand new approach to fitness and weight loss.

Now I’m bringing this simple approach to you! 



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Eat What You Want, Guilt-Free

Clean eating is a farce. Hard core dieting doesn't work. You can improve your health, fitness, body composition and more while enjoying the foods that you like! Learn how by downloading the Flexible Nutrition Guide. 

Grab Your Flexible Nutrition Guide Here!

Use macros to eat the foods you like and reach your health and fitness goals!


The results speak for themselves...

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"This program is so simple that it's almost unbelievable how effective it is. I am finally below 200. I haven't been below 200 since I was in my twenties!! Thank you so much for your program and for Kelby. It has seriously changed my life."

Beth R.

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"I realized that I was down almost 30 pounds on Sunday and that I have only 20 left until my goal weight! I've consistently worked out for 4-5 times a week for more than a month. That's a huge thing! I think the last time I did that was in high school for soccer season."

Katie B.

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Fitness Coaching That Works!


"Jennifer, I'm over it!". That's what a perspective client told me when I asked her about her fitness goals. And I understood where she was coming from. 

Sifting through the mountains of fitness information is as fun as going to the DMV. It feels like it's a necessary evil that you can't escape. It's exhausting, confusing and not fun at all. 

This frustration and overwhelm is costing you more than you know. You are missing the opportunity for better health, a stronger body, and more energy because you have no idea how to start. 

It doesn't have to be that way. Imagine jumping out of bed, sliding on your favorite jeans and collecting compliments from family and friends because you exude health and happiness.

For our clients, this is a reality.

I understand how frustrating a weight loss journey can be. I struggled with a sustainable program myself, until I learned how to create simple steps that could fit into my busy life. I put my 8+ years as a certified personal trainer and 3 years working exclusively with women online to use and created a brand new method to take the stress out of fitness and weight loss. 

With the Build, Shred, Boost! Method, I'll break down your fitness journey into simple, digestible steps so that you have a clear and long-term plan to create the health and body that you deserve. 

The choice is yours, you can continue to waste your valuable time with programs that might work or you can let me show you a simple framework to help you get and stay fit for life. 

Katie B.

"I'm just going to keep thanking you until the end of time lol I really appreciate all of the guidance, new workouts, and tools that you're giving me that I probably never would have taken on my own."

Corey P.

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"I throughly enjoyed working with you! You taught me so much. You have made such a positive impact in my life and my newly developed lifestyle. I can't thank you enough."

Kareena F. 

It's Time to Invest in YOU!

Because you deserve to look good, feel strong and have a healthy life.