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Get Clients for Life

Get Clients for Life

What’s the key to a successful online entrepreneur? A lot of people may think it’s having a bagillion followers. Or maybe having the best photos on your social media feed. Oh wait, it MUST be having the PERFECT product or service. 

Nope. Nope. and Nope. 

The key has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with THEM. 

Who is ‘THEM’? I’m talking about your ideal client or the person you serve throughout the life of your business. 

If you’re like my kids and saying ‘huh’, let me break it down a little bit. 

Every successful entrepreneur has identified a super specific ideal client that they think about when they develop their products and services, write their social media content and create their business offers. They have taken the time to learn about them as deeply as a star struck teenager knows their celebrity crush. 

If you don’t know who your lifetime ideal client is, here are three tips to get you going: 

It’s more than demographics

Yes, you can probably say something like, “I work with women, 25-35 who earn $50,000/year or more who want to lose weight.” That’s a start.  But you have to know your ideal client BEYOND demographics. Honestly, you have to be a bit of a stalker. You need to know what they love, what they hate or frustrates them, what makes them happy, who do they follow online, what are their favorite podcasts, where do they want to vacation...the list goes on. The more you know your ideal client, the better you will be able to find solutions (btw, solutions =  your products and services people!) for them for years and years to come. 

Let me give you a few ways to stalk your ideal client (don’t call the police on me). 1. Go where they go online. Look at people who are your ideal clients - which hashtags do they use? Who are they following? What are the main messages of the people they follow. That gives you insight as to who they are. 2. Ask them! Put together a quick Google survey and send it to a handful of people who you would consider your ideal client. As them about their goals, what makes the happy, what would they change if they had unlimited powers, their favorite books or shows, anything that gets you more information; 3. Join some groups! There are plenty of virtual and physical groups of people who share similar interests. Join them! Observe and learn more about your ideal client. 

Get really, really specific

In my MBA program, we talked about different marketing strategies for companies, some were mass marketers who sold products to everyone, everywhere (think Coca Cola), some focused on luxury and exclusivity (think Lexus) and some were niche marketers. This is where you should live in the online space. 

Niche means that you cater to a very specific type of client. The more specific the better! 

‘But Jennifer, doesn’t that mean that I’ll have fewer clients?’ Not at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

The online space is very noisy. Just think about the bagazillion (I swear it’s a word) marketing messages you see each day via social media, streaming channels, email, Twitter alerts, etc. The only way your ideal clients will see you is if you can be as specific as possible when you create content and solutions.  

Here is an example, think of  a woman over 40 who wants to lose 50 lbs but works 2nd shift. She struggles with sleep, hormone imbalance and stress due to her teenage children. Before work, she opens her Facebook page and sees two posts from two different online fitness trainers. 

Post #1 (Photo of a fit woman holding a set of dumbbells) Did you know? No matter what diet you choose - keto, low carb, balanced, high protein, if you practice caloric deficit - you will lose weight! DM me for fitness plans and I can help you!

Post #2 (Photo of a fit woman surrounded by kids and chaos) Turning 40 is difficult, especially balancing the stress of work and kids. When I turned 40, my hormones went crazy and then I packed on 30lbs and barely recognized myself. But I figured out how to adjust my diet and fitness in a way that worked for my busy life. And now I want to help you too. Message me if you need help!  

Clearly post #2 speaks this woman’s language. Amirite? It’s clear and specific. The trainer in post 1 can likely help, but the information is helpful, but it doesn’t speak to a specific person. Even if the trainer in post #1 could help the woman, she would never know it. 

So when you are deciding on a niche, get really really specific. Picture your ideal client. Give them a name and hone in one the very unique things that they need. Then speak to those needs and solutions as clearly as possible. You don’t need a bagazillion people to purchase your services to be successful, you need a small niche of people who purchase your services, recommend them and keep coming back. 

Love them for a lifetime

Your ideal client is not just for your current product, they are your ideal client for the LIFE OF YOUR BUSINESS. This is your business marriage partner. You will continue to learn about them, provide solutions for them and make them happy. 

If you are a good spouse, then they will love you for a lifetime. They will buy your products without a second thought. They will gush to their friends about how awesome you are. They will even forgive you if you make a small mistake. 

This is a partnership of course. They are benefiting from you, but you are also benefiting from them. When you continue to listen to your ideal client, they will provide ideas for future business products and services that you can monetize over the life of your business. 

Just like a strong marriage, you and your ideal client will continue to grow and learn from each other for all the days of your lives. 

Knowing your ideal client is the most important part of your business. Get to know them. Get specific. Then love and provide for them for a lifetime. 

Your business will grow and flourish as your ideal client does too. 

Need help figuring out who your ideal client is? Drop a comment below or contact me and I’ll help you get started. 


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