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Give Fear the Middle Finger


It seems like I have been inundated with a lot of messages about all the things that I can’t do. 

My grandmother (God rest her soul), who was as old school southern granny as they came, insisted that we I had to wear a girdle ‘after a certain age’ because proper ladies could not go without foundation garments. I couldn’t wear a sundress in her presence without getting a look of horror and scorn. 

A friend told me that after having children she knew she couldn’t wear a bikini anymore because, ‘moms can’t ever get a flat tummy.’ Then she continued to say, even if they were ‘lucky’ enough to get their body back, the stretch marks would brand them for life with a mom bod.

One of my former co-workers told me that I could never make money doing that 'online stuff' and sarcastically told me "good luck". 



At  40 years old I competed in a Figure competition in my skimpy bikini and placed well enough to be nationally qualified. My husband who is older than me (I dare not tell the world his age because he would not be happy) also recently competed in a fitness competition, won several medals and looked amazing!

Not only did I make money in my online fitness coaching business, I have started to help other women create online businesses. I haven't even entertained a minor thought of going back to a regular job. 

Why in this world of endless possibilities do we bog ourselves down with limitations?

If you have ever thought you were too old/tall/shy/chubby/unskilled to do something - just stop. That is fear and insecurity talking. I know a lot of women who have tossed the rule book out the window to shed all of the limiting thoughts and live their best life. 

Let me assure you, there is NOTHING that is out of reach for you. You can start a business, lose 100lbs, go on an exotic vacation, and even go without a girdle from time to time (sorry Grandma). 

There are so many real world examples around us for those who were told that they couldn’t do something, but they gave that advice the bird and did it anyway. 

My client Ann is a shining example of that. She was told repeatedly that she wasn’t good enough to consult with people in sustainability. But she was confident in herself, her experiences and her leadership. She looked at the world differently than traditional sustainability consultants and sometimes people didn’t get her. But she KNEW she had something. 

And she was right. 

Now her company consults for a major city and she meets with the mayor for her work, she is developing courses for universities and community organizations and she continues to create solutions for sustainability professionals across the country.

She believed she could do it and then gave the finger to fear and her haters and is growing a successful business.  

So before you limit yourself to girdles, a crappy job that you hate and all of the other limitations others pour all over you. STOP. Pause, and ask yourself “is the person they are pushing me to be the BEST version of me?” And if the answer is no, then decide in that moment that you will live your life with no fear, no rules and endless possibilities. 

What would you do if you had no fear?




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