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Travel Tips for Fit Chicks (and Dudes)


I would have never guessed that a good portion of the questions that people ask me are about how to stick with their health and fitness goals while they travel. 

If you’re like many American's, you are going to take about three trips this year.  You may have business travel or a weekend trip with the girls or maybe you're one of the 72% of American women who are taking a solo trip this year! 

No matter where you are headed, there are a few basic principles that you can apply: 

  1. Have a plan - scope out your hotel, nearby restaurants and groceries stories to make sure you can eat and move in a way to stick with your goals. 
  2. Don't stress over eating - You probably won't be able to eat exactly how you do at home, but if you stick with nutrient dense foods such as lean proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates and colorful fruits and vegetables, you'll probably do o.k.
  3. Keep it moving - Maybe you have a gym, maybe you don't, but stay active! Hit the trails, find a cool gym to try, go swimming! You don't have to do your same routine, but keep that body moving. 

This is a good place to start, but quickly realized that there are some pretty specific questions that you all have! So I'm answering the most common travel questions that I get. 

I’m flying to [insert fabulous location] and I’m not sure what type of food I can take on the plane. 

If you are traveling with food or beverages, the best thing  to do is to check the TSA website for what is allowed in your carry-on and/or in your checked luggage. In addition, if you are flying internationally, there are some foods that are simply not allowed on planes. Remember the liquids rule applies to food too! 

My advice is to stick with basic individual packaged foods until you arrive at your destination. 

I get so bloated when I travel. What’s up with that?!

Bloat can happen for many reasons. If you are eating new foods or different foods, your body may react to them. If you are enjoying the nightlife or alcohol on vacation, that may lead to bloat too. One of the biggest culprits though is hydration. When you have a different schedule, it sometimes becomes more difficult to drink your normal water intake. In addition, you need MORE water when you travel particularly if you’re flying. I love bringing my own refillable bottle with me and filling it up at airports or on the road. 

I have a hard time getting protein on the road. Can you recommend some good options? 

Sometimes protein is hard to come by when you’re traveling. Most convenience foods are lower in protein and protein bars and shakes can only take you so far. Check out beef or turkey jerky, pouch tuna, or even pre-cooked individually packaged meats. Another quick fix for me has been veggie black bean burgers that are basically already cooked and taste pretty good at room temp. Check out the "healthier" options at fast food companies and choose the least processed options. 

I want to workout while I’m traveling, but my hotel has a small gym (or no gym), what can I do? 

Have you checked out Fitness 365? It's designed for home or gym and works well for travel! But if you're not a subscriber yet, the possibilities are endless! When I don’t have much equipment, I go back to the basics. I do a lot of body weight training and circuits. The key is to incorporate exercises that use your large muscle groups - chest, back, legs. Your smaller muscle groups will provide assistance for most of these exercises, resulting in a full body workout. 

At the end of the day, don't add any additional stress to your travel plans! Yes, make good choices, but don’t forget to have a good time! 

If you have a great tip or have questions about travel, drop a comment below! 


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