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Why More Women are Starting Online Businesses (and you should too!)


I didn’t realize it was a “thing.”

When I was first introduced to the concept of creating personal training experiences online, I was pretty surprised. But here I was, hiring a fitness coach to help me prepare for a bodybuilding competition - I never laid eyes on him, we never talked on the phone, yet he gave me a complete, high quality training experience. 

Years later, here I am with a successful online personal training company of my own. I have clients across the US and even had clients in other countries. I use technology to create unique training experiences and post on social media to attract new clients...often times in my pajamas. 

This is so different from the life I thought I would have. My parents made sure me and my siblings had excellent educations. My family and peers stressed the importance of professionalism, getting a good job and rising to the top of the organization. And like a dutiful young lady, I did just that. 

So how did I get from having a director level position in my organization to training clients in my pajamas? 

You see...what I was taught (and naively believed) was that if I worked really hard and could provide solutions for my organization,  I would excel. Did I work hard? - yes. Did I find solutions? - absolutely. Did I excel?….sort of. I was promoted, but being a woman in my organization was a lot more personally challenging than what I thought. 

And it’s not just me. 

As I began to mentor other women to help them start their online businesses, they all started to say the same thing. I would ask about their current challenges and what they wanted to achieve and it was almost like someone handed everyone the same script. 

Most of the women said they felt: 

  • Disrespected
  • “Mansplained”
  • Not valued
  • That they were not earning what they were worth

What they wanted the most was: 

  • Experiences to learn and grow
  • Opportunities to lead
  • Pay that correlated with the work they “actually” did vs. what their job said

Women already have a lot of expertise on their side. After a while, they realize that there are other options for them. With their own business, they feel pride and accomplishment. They don’t have to beg for a raise because they create their own wealth. They are constantly learning new skills through coaches, podcasts and blogs.

The barriers to creating and marketing a business online are much lower than traditional businesses. 

Smart phones, laptops, inexpensive apps and social media make it possible to market nearly any type of service and countless products to large audiences for free or nearly free. The days where you need a 17 page business plan, investors and 2 years of business courses to start a thriving business are long gone. 

One of my fellow entrepreneurs started her businesses with less than $200 and with the help of Google (the search bar, not a team of software engineers) learned how to build a website and market her services. She is in her mid-20s and just put in her two weeks notice at her job. She said that she liked her job, but she knew that she had more opportunity for growth and success on her own. 

Many women start their business while still working full time. Some continue working their 9-5 jobs for benefits such as insurance or retirement savings while getting fulfillment in their businesses. Some women leave their other jobs altogether to pursue full time entrepreneurship.

So it is a “thing” after all and for many women it is a highly profitable enterprise.

What do you think? Have you ever considered starting a business that conducted most of its work online? 


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