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Why More Women are Starting Online Businesses (and you should too!)


I didn’t realize it was a “thing.”

When I was first introduced to the concept of creating personal training experiences online, I was pretty surprised. But here I was, hiring a fitness coach to help me prepare for a bodybuilding competition - I never laid eyes on him, we never talked on the phone, yet he gave me a complete, high quality training experience. 

Years later, here I am with a successful online personal training company of my own. I have clients across the US and even had clients in other countries. I use technology to create unique training experiences and post on social media to attract new clients...often times in my pajamas. 

This is so different from the life I thought I would have. My parents made sure me and my siblings had excellent educations. My family and peers stressed the importance of professionalism, getting a good job and rising to the top of the organization. And like a dutiful young lady, I did just that. 

So how...

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