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If you only have 30 minutes


Most mornings, in 30 minutes, I can shower, get downstairs to my office, write 2 workouts programs and outline my next 2-3 videos. 

I can do a hell of a lot in 30 minutes and you can too.  

I polled some of my friends and asked how long they needed to exercise to get a complete a good workout. The answers ranged from 10 minutes to an hour. 

In my experience training clients, if you are focused (no Gray’s Anatomy on in the background or returning texts mid-exercise) you can have an intensely effective and gratifying workout in about 30 minutes. 

Don’t believe me? Then try this Fitness 365 workout and let me know how you feel. These workouts are under 30 minutes and if you don’t get a good sweat on, add more weight or add a bonus set!

Equipment: dumbbells, bench with risers

Sets and reps:

  • Set 1: 15 reps per exercise
  • Set 2: 12 reps per exercise
  • Set 3: 8 reps per exercise

*exception: Side plank crunch is always 10 reps per side


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