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A one to one, personalized 12-week online fitness and nutrition  program for high performing women who want to get lean, feel strong and look great!

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Focused & Fit - Private Online Coaching

Imagine yourself in 12 weeks - stronger, leaner and healthier. This isn't a pipe dream, this is the reality for my clients. 

Being at the top of your physical game helps you in your personal and professional life, that's why top leaders prioritize health and self care.  I can help you gain and edge in exercise and nutrition to give you the energy and health that you need to live your best life!

I work with a limited number of clients in this program to ensure a personalized experience. 

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The 3Ms Method

The old school formula for weight loss - 'eat less and move more' - doesn't work. Following that will either get you short term results or worse - no results. I threw that model out the window and have been getting my clients results in my programs with my 3Ms method - meals, muscle and metabolism.

The Body Transformation Method (coming in Spring 2020)

"Just tell me what to do." 

You asked. I listened. The Body Transformation Method uses the 3Ms - meals, muscle and metabolism - to take you to the top of your physical game with zero guesswork. 

No trainer required. 

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, the Body Transformation Method will move through every phase of the program seamlessly all year, every year, as long as you need it. 

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Client Results

"Jennifer is a great coach. My program has provided great results. I have been able to level out my macros with her advice. She responds promptly whenever I have had questions. Her encouragement and success drives me to want more for myself. Thanks Jennifer for all you do."

Samara Wiltse

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