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A one to one, personalized 12-week online fitness and nutrition  program for high achieving women who want to get lean, feel strong and look great!

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Focused & Fit - Private Online Coaching

Imagine yourself in 12 weeks - stronger, leaner and healthier. This isn't a pipe dream, this is the reality for my clients. 

Being at the top of your physical game helps you in your personal and professional life, that's why top leaders prioritize health and self care.  I can help you gain and edge in exercise and nutrition to give you the energy and health that you need to live your best life!

I work with a limited number of clients in this program to ensure a personalized experience. 

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Easy nutrition. Big results.

When your life is a series of appointments and events, your food plan needs to be as flexible as you are. I teach you how to use simple methods to keep your energy up and eat for your goals. No complicated meal plans, just easy nutrition and big results. 

Client Results

Busy professional women who are strong, healthy and fit!

How does online coaching work?

Online coaching is an easy and convenient way to get customized fitness and nutrition coaching. All plans are delivered through an app where you can track your activity, sync to your favorite meal tracker and communicate with your coach. 

Instead of waiting for an appointment to talk to a trainer, you can message your personal coach at anytime. In fact, coaches have far more touch points with clients in online training than most in-person training. Your coach can see all of your activity, so they can give you a high five if you're hitting personal bests or a kick in the pants if you are slacking.  

Coaches customize workouts based on your goals, skill level and access to equipment. No gym required. 

You will complete exercises safely every time. Using the correct form and doing form checks are simple because of the video features integrated into the app.  

Online coaching isn't for everyone. If you do not have a smart phone or are not comfortable with using apps on your phone, an in-person approach may be better. But if you are a busy person who is used to getting info on  your phone or tablet, this is an excellent solution for you.  

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"Jennifer is a great coach. My program has provided great results. I have been able to level out my macros with her advice. She responds promptly whenever I have had questions. Her encouragement and success drives me to want more for myself. Thanks Jennifer for all you do."

Samara Wiltse

Frequently Asked Questions

The customized fitness and nutrition program is 12 weeks long beginning from when you receive your first training plan. 

Yes! We will come up with a nutrition strategy based on your goals. You will be able to sync your favorite food tracker to the app and you'll have access to meal planning and prep resources!

You are not required to have a gym membership. I can customize your program for the equipment you have available. Although it is not necessary, I recommend a set of resistance bands OR light and heavy dumbbells so that you have variety for resistance training.

Your app will have your fitness plan. The overall plan will tell you how many times per week to exercise and which workouts to do. Each workout will have a set of exercises with warm up instructions and directions for what to do for each exercise. Your exercises will have a written description and video demonstration that emphasizes proper form. 

Every single exercise comes with a written description and video demonstration that you can pull up on your phone or tablet. If you still need help, contact your coach with questions. 

The goal of the 12 weeks is to help you work toward an attainable goal. During the program, you will receive weekly education to help you continue your progress and/or maintain your results. 

If you would like to continue to have structure, we recommend that you subscribe to the Fitness 365 program. You will receive new workouts each month that you can set up for your goals. 

"I started a 12 week nutrition and fitness program with Jennifer as my trainer/coach. So far I have lost 12.2 lbs in about 9 weeks. I have lost inches from everywhere I wanted to tone up and shrink, and I am only 3/4 of my way through the initial program. I have GAINED knowledge about me and my body, confidence, and comfort in who I am. I really can not put into words how this experience has changed me. Nor can I truly express the depths of my appreciation for Jennifer and her husband, Paul, who connected us. Thank you!"

Kathie G.

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Imagine where YOU can be in 12 weeks. It starts with a simple call. Click the button to schedule your consultation!

"Jennifer developed workout plans for my meager basement workout equipment that I can do with my busy schedule whether that be at 6:00am or 9:30pm when my kids are in bed! They're fun workouts with enough support that I know I'm doing the workout correctly."

Ann S.

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